Progressive design philosophy ensures we are at the forefront of change and we onboard the latest trends in the industry


We enable constructive, two-way discussion on the core elements of our work throughout the process of designing and decorating your home


Our pros visualize your requirements before creating a bespoke design blueprint which is in turn backed by a linear build approach


We measure and evaluate our work to ensure minimal impact, fastest turn-around time while remaining faithful to traditional build practices


We are a high-spirited collective of Architects, Builders, Craftsmen and Designers based in Bangalore,
operating across Karnataka. Founded in 2015 to create holistic design ideas at affordable prices,
we apply our vast pool of talent to give homeowners an unbeatable advantage of customized home interiors
at transparent pricing. Our clients are relieved of logistical and administrative commitments,
giving them time to focus on their everyday activities with the knowledge that professional hands are at work.
Residential interior design demands a high degree of collaboration across diverse skill sets


Lean and Agile design techniques to enable ‘home owners’ to aspire for the highest standards in design and execution under realistic conditions


Transparency in details, creativity in thought, respect for people and the environment and a positive approach to solving complexities as they arise are the principle that guides our organization  


We combine the best of our skills and ideas to change the idea of web service's.

  • Responsive
    We love to listen and learn, and we are online. With Stout Designs, your are assured of fast resolutions to your queries. At every step along the way, we create periodic engagements to apprise clients of the developments, conduct reviews and help clients gain a holistic view of the process
  • Forethought
    Unknown obstacles, unforeseen circumstances, cost escalations, spatial challenges. Our pitch perfect planning safeguards the interests of our clients throughout the lifespan of their homes, ensuring customer delight and strict adherences to timeframes thereby eliminating wastages and ensuring timely delivery
  • Sustainability
    We have embraced sustainable design and build techniques that increase the vitality and longevity of your interiors by sourcing materials produced through sustainable practices, promoting optimal space utilization by striking the right balance between design and functionalities


Awesome service provided


We bring together people with diverse skills in carpentry and joinery, with decades of experience in the industry and who follow traditional practices integrated with the use of modern tools and equipment. Clients have the freedom to choose the material for woodwork based on their budget, functionality and stock availability, further to which we meet and conceptualize the design for the private rooms, common areas, and exterior seating areas.

We incorporate your every need with emphasis on practicality and feasibility and the same principles of our furniture design extend towards building storage cabinets, shelves, wardrobes, modular furniture and any other woodwork that arises during the course of the project


Surface Decor

The part of your home which bears the highest impact and wears and tear, surfaces are the primary elements of your home interiors and reflect the character of the home. Stout presents a comprehensive array of flooring solutions; from marble and granite to carpet work and wooden flooring to the latest trends like acrylic and terracotta creating durable, sturdy floors only matched by solid roofing solutions that incorporate natural materials like red bricks and wood, well supplemented by such as P.O.P, Artex and Steel columns.

Most importantly, your walls will be adorned with the right color and texture that would complement the home and create a seamless visual experience from one surface to another



Light is vital, it creates energy and sparks life. Our innovative lighting solutions strike the perfect balance between natural light and artificial light through effective use of lighting appliances placed at well thought of locations where the spread of light is uniform and the use of lights meets energy conservation standards.

Our catalog of lighting themes, designs, products, appliances and fittings is exhaustive and will leave you enthralled while we work creatively in trying to figure a unique lighting theme that augments your interiors and delivers a powerful statement



From wallpapers to drapery, bed linen, mattress, pillows and cushions and from art installations to glass work, we have you covered. We keep abreast of the latest trends in India and the world over, bringing our client's multiple choices for a single product, where taste and style matters and creativity and ingenuity are the winners. We have a vast catalog of products that cover every aspect of home furnishing, incorporating both global and Indian influences, catering to your every essential need

While it is easy to get lost in this world of furnishing, we assure you that we would be at hand to provide critical analysis on your choices and to help you make sound, logical buying decisions while creating a timeless finish



Process of our work

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Some of our awesome works

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